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HP piggybacks cameras on photo printer

HP piggybacks cameras on photo printer

Taking a leaf out of Kodak's album, HP is introducing a version of its compact photo printer with a dock for an HP camera. The Photosmart A430 is actually the base model in a series of bundles:

  • HP Photosmart A432, compatible with all HP Photosmart R- and M-series cameras
  • HP Photosmart A433 with HP Photosmart M425 camera
  • HP Photosmart A434 with HP Photosmart M525 camera
  • HP Photosmart A436 Portable Photo Studio with M627 camera
The A430 series also includes automatic photo fixes and claims a cost per print of 29 cents. Aside from that, it's fairly mundane. When it ships in August, the various bundles will range in price between $229 and $329.