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HP claims the fastest 4x6 prints

HP claims the fastest 4x6 prints

Been there, heard that. HP's touting the zip factor for its latest near-top-of-the-line consumer photo printer, the Photosmart D7360; last year's claim was 14 seconds, this year, 12 seconds. Take that with a big old grain of rock salt. Like last year's claim, that speed is for a 4x6 photo in a relatively low-quality mode with which many consumers have expressed disappointment. The six-ink model (CMYK, light C, light M) also includes a 3.4-inch touch-screen LCD with an interface designed to mimic the experience of HP's photo kiosks. And like the kiosk experience, the D7360 will include similar automatic fix technologies, including red-eye removal. In other respects, the features are pretty much the same as the Photosmart 8250's, and I expect similar print quality as well. HP expects it to sell for $199 when it ships in July.