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HP cameras 'R us

HP cameras 'R us

The company today announced a few new models in its R series of digital cameras. The big news is that HP now counts up to 8, as in the 8-megapixel Photosmart R927. Internally, it's very similar to HP's previous high-end model, the R818, but HP has sleeked up the outside and added a 3-inch LCD with a reportedly 170-degree viewing angle. HP has also automated the in-camera red-eye removal (so that you don't have to identify and initiate removal on the photos yourself) and added the ability to, um, beautify your photos with in-camera frames and effects.

On the other hand, HP took the innards of the R818 and reshaped the body to the popular flat square shape that Konica Minolta pioneered with its X series. The R725 and R727 differ only by LCD size--2.5 inches for the R727 and 2 inches for the R725--but otherwise share the same 6-megapixel sensor and the aforementioned software updates.

HP expects to ship the R927 in March, following up with the R725 and R727 in April, but hasn't yet set prices.

HP Photosmart R927