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How I broke the rugged Sonim XP3300 Force (review)

CNET editor Jessica Dolcourt takes on the Incredible Hulk of cell phones in a durability test, and wins. Maybe.

Sonim XP3300 Force
If you push it, it will break. Josh Miller/CNET

The joke's on you, Sonim XP300 Force. You taunted me with your thick rubber sidings and waterproof, mud-flap-protected charger port and headphone jacks. You bragged with your impressive laundry list of certifications for withstanding heat, cold, humidity, dust, salt, and shock. You laughed in the face of water.

But now you're cracked, over, kaput. Spilling shards of glass as effortlessly as a dog shakes of water after a swim. All I did was toss you a few feet into the air. It's true; I have it on video.

OK, so maybe it could have been a few feet higher than your 1.5mm-thick Gorilla Glass screen is certified to handle. And nevermind that your three-year warranty covers drop damage and worse.

You may have bested my hammer-and-nail test, the vase-of-water dunk test, and the stomp-the-heck-out-of-you boot test, but if I push you beyond your promised boundaries, the jackhammer and I will always win.

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