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Heard it before

Heard it before

Mitsubishi is promoting its 2007 Eclipse Spyder using a slick, new TV ad campaign that highlights the car's ability to automatically adjust stereo volume to compensate for noise from increased driving speed.

While this speed-sensitive volume technology is a neat feature, it's nothing new: Manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes have been offering it for a while as standard, and it is even found in the Mini Cooper, which also offers a driver-optimization mode on its optional Harmon Kardon stereo that focuses all the audio output on the driver (check out our review of the 2006 Mini Cooper S next week). Even more sophisticated is Acura's active noise-cancellation system found on the 2006 Acura TL, which counters up to 10dB of unwanted cabin noise, with opposing sound frequencies from the stereo unit.

Full marks to Mitsubishi for innovation, though, in regard to its new campaign. The concept of cars accelerating in sync to represent a graphic equalizer is very cool--even if it is dressing up an old idea in a new wrapper.