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Hanged for iPhone warms the heart, snaps the neck

Quite possibly the most original Hangman game you'll ever play, Hanged blends gorgeous stop-motion animation with a heart-wrenching love story. Really!

Hanged for iPhone is Hangman like you've never seen it before. Freeverse

Do they give awards for "Most Inventive Re-Imagining of a Classic Paper Game"? If so, I nominate Hanged for iPhone (which should also be in the running for "Best Stop-Motion Love Story" and "Game Most Likely to Make You Pull Out Your iPhone and Tell Friends, 'You Gotta See This!'")

If that sounds like a lot of gushing for what is essentially Hangman: Extreme Makeover Edition, it's because Hanged is such a clever and pleasant surprise.

The game has no menus, no instructions--it is just Hangman, after all. I don't want to spoil the experience by describing specific details, but I will say you're in for a visually breathtaking treat.

And an emotional one. Hanged manages to weave a dramatic (if brief) love story into the unlikeliest of scenarios, one that plays out via stop-motion claymation. You really have to admire the creativity behind it.

And that's Hanged in a nutshell: a creative twist on Hangman and a valentine to the classic paper game. It's the best 99 cents you can spend on a game (this week).

I'd love to see what the developer can do with Dots.