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Hands-on with the Scandyna Micropod SE and Minibass

Scandyna's new Micropod SE speakers, The Dock station and Minibass subwoofer blew our freakin' ears off, along with plaster off various walls. Check out why we love these curvy beauties so much

Scandyna recently visited our snazzy new offices to show us its spankin' new range of Podspeakers. We checked out the Danish company's iPod docking amp, portentously called 'The Dock' too. Hooked up was a pair of the new Micropod SE speakers. These uber-curvy Nordic desk speakers pack 15W of power per channel with The Dock, which will host any iPod with a dock output.

Sound quality from The Dock and the Micropod SEs was excellent for general use, but we were unimpressed with the bass, or rather the lack of it. What we really craved was a big ol' sub to throw into the mix. So Scandyna threw us its bongo-shaped Minibass subwoofer -- a 100W red-hot, low-frequency leviathan of explosive boom.

With this thing hooked up to The Dock, our ears were blown away in a frenzy of room-shattering bass. It took a matter of seconds for someone to come and complain that the floor was literally shaking. "This is utterly k-rad," we thought. The time wasn't quite right to exploit this system's true power, so that remains to be tested -- we'll wait until everyone's gone home and crank it up to 11. But even at low volume, The Dock, the Micropod SEs and the Minibass provide a seriously impressive audio setup.

So it should be. The above setup will set you back about £450, but it's a price we'd be happy to part with. Design and construction is superb, setup time is minimal and its cabling and connection systems are of professional grade. Look out for a full review here at k-soon. -Nate Lanxon