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Hands-on with the RIM BlackBerry 8310 Curve

We've spent some quality time with the BlackBerry 8310 and so far we're very impressed, particularly with the built-in GPS receiver that lets you use the emailer as a sat-nav

We've been lucky enough to get our hands on the brand-new RIM BlackBerry 8310 Curve and so far we love what we see.

You can currently pick one up for free on a £35 per month contract from Vodafone. That's the same as the iPhone tariff, funnily enough. Ahem.

For your hard-earned cash you get a rather sultry little emailing device that comes with some very useful extras, including a built-in GPS receiver. We've had a quick go with Vodafone's sat-nav software and found it very handy to get about town.

Other noteworthy features include a music and video player, a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can plug standard headphones in, and an expandable memory microSD slot, which supports up to 2GB of music or video.

There's also a 2-megapixel camera on the back -- with one of the brightest LED photo lights we've ever used. So thumbs up on the first impressions, but we'll go into more detail in our full review -- with you in two shakes.

Update: A full review of the 8310 is now available. -Andrew Lim