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Hands-on with Etymotic's ETY8: Yes, I look like a plonker

Etymotic's ETY8 sound-isolating Bluetooth headphones are our new favourite wireless friends. With great sound quality and full compatibility with iPods, we don't care what they look like

Look, don't even start. I know it looks like I'm wearing enormous cufflinks in my ears. But I just don't care, okay? You can all laugh if you want, but I'm sticking with these bad boys -- they're high-end, sound-isolating Etymotic ETY8 Bluetooth headphones. They work seamlessly with your iPod or any Bluetooth-enabled device. And honestly, are they any sillier than wearing massive cans as you go about your boho business?

"What!? You're supposed to be experts! iPods don't have Bluetooth!" we hear you whine. Well unclench, loyal Cravers -- the ETY8s include a little adaptor that clips to your iPod. Beaming your favourite songs through the ether has never been so easy, and sound quality from the earphones themselves are terrific -- to the k-max.

Also terrific is the inclusion of navigational controls on the 'phones. Wirelessly pausing your iPod while it's in your backpack is a briefly magical moment, and don't even get me started on volume control -- that's a treat you need to experience for yourselves.

The downside to wireless earphones is that they need charging every now and then. I've not run down these USB-charged earpieces yet, but that time will surely come when I'm as far from a computer as is physically possible.

The ETY8s will be on sale in the Apple store shortly, although there's no official word on price yet -- I reckon they'll be about £150. You can expect a full review of my new favourite toy soon. And sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. -Nate Lanxon

Update: We now have a full review of the Etymotic ety8 Bluetooth headphones live in our Reviews channel.