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Handling the Xperia Neo and Xperia Pro

Sony Ericsson's new Xperia Pro and Xperia Neo may not double as gaming devices, but they offer attractive and trim designs. CNET takes a closer look both of them at Mobile World Congress.

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BARCELONA, Spain--Yeah, we know that Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play is the smartphone for which you've really been waiting, but the company had other new handsets to show at Mobile World Congress, too. At its press conference Sunday night, Sony Ericsson also unveiled the Android (Gingerbread)-powered Xperia Neo and Xperia Pro.

Both handsets show the hallmarks of Sony Ericsson's Xperia line. Like the Xperia X10 and the Xperia Arc, you'll see trim designs and brilliant 16.7 million-color displays. Sony Ericsson has been on quite a roll with hardware lately and these handsets are no exception. They feel great in the hand and the controls were user-friendly during our brief tour. What's more, the Xperia Pro's keyboard is spacious and comfortable.

Follow the photo gallery links for a closer look at each device. We don't know exact availability yet or if the phones will come to the North American market.