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Government competition brings best of British mobile innovation to MWC

A government-led competition brings 20 of Britain's most innovative mobile technology companies to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. is a 3D gaming engine that allows you to edit the levels in a shooter game in real time as you play with your friends.

Along with the latest smartphone releases from Nokia, LG and more, this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, will play host to 20 of Britain's most innovative mobile companies thanks to the Smart U.K. competition.

The competition -- organized in association with U.K. government body U.K. Trade and Investment (UKTI) -- saw over 60 British-based companies enter, which was narrowed down to 20 by an expert judging panel. All 20 will be given entry to Mobile World Congress by UKTI -- although they'll have to pay for their own flights and accommodation -- where they will do their best to wow the world's press and industry leaders with their products and services.

The companies all work in the mobile sector, but each has a distinct service to offer. New startup Paddle, for example allows you to bypass inputting lengthy details at the checkout of online stores by scanning a QR code on the Web site at the point of purchase and inputting a three-digit pin on your phone.

The humble power plug meanwhile has been given a makeover thanks to Made In Mind. Its space-saving design earned the "Mu" folding plug the Brit Insurance Design of the Year award back in 2010 and it's now making its way to stores. With the networking opportunities at MWC, Made In Mind hopes that its plug will soon be shipped as standard with all new phones.

Tackling a deeper issue, Skin Analytics hopes its app will help in the cause of early skin cancer detection. Rather than attempt to offer a diagnosis -- which co-founder Julian Hall explained was dangerously hit-and-miss on a phone -- the app tracks the condition of skin lesions over time. It's then able to warn you if its algorithms detect a potentially dangerous change.

The final winner -- decided during a round of presentations to a panel of judges at MWC -- will be able to use the title of "U.K. Most Innovative Mobile Company 2013." Make sure to click through the image gallery above to find out more about some of the companies taking part.