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Google tweaks for iPhone, iPod Touch

Google's latest improvements to Gmail on the iPhone and iPod Touch affect scrolling and navigation.

Google has tweaked for the iPhone's Safari browser.

Google has been fine-tuning its mobile in-browser Gmail experience on the iPhone and iPod Touch for years, and over the course of time, the addition here and modification there has added up to a very usable in-box experience in the spirit of Gmail on the desktop, if not its identical feature sets and dimensions.

This week's tweaks focus on iPhone and iPod Touch handsets running iOS 4 in English. They nail down the design of the navigation menu, which Google has been experimenting with on its iPhone-optimized Web site for the past few weeks. Now, the toolbar is fixed in place while you scroll, rather than following after you scroll through a message or the in-box.

Google also performed some back-end tune-ups on the scrolling speed to cut out the lag time between the motion of your finger and the motion of the in-box contents. We won't deny it: there's no delay.

We'll still use the e-mail in-box on our iPhone 4, but we will say that the mobile Gmail experience is improving, one tweak and turn at a time.