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Google Nexus S white edition coming soon to Vodafone

Vodafone is to exclusively offer the Google Nexus S in both white and black colours, but there's no word as yet on pricing or availability.

Vodafone will soon be offering the Google Nexus S to its lucky customers around the world, with the Android phone now being outfitted in a pretty new white dress.

Vodafone is a little late to the game with the Nexus S -- the smart phone was released late last year and sold exclusively through Carphone Warehouse. Patience is evidently a virtue however, as Vodafone is able to offer the phone in a whopping two colours -- black and white. We share your excitement.

White handsets are always a fun topic, largely because they raise the spooky spectre of the ever-elusive white iPhone 4, which has been delayed so long no one actually wants one any more. We can only assume Vodafone is hoping the white-phone craze continues further into the year, and with Mobile World Congress just around the corner, it's likely it will.

We loved the Nexus S from the first moment. It sports a brilliant 4-inch Super AMOLED screen and a beefy 1GHz processor running the latest Gingerbread version of Google's Android operating system. Coupled with its front and back cameras, the Nexus S has formidable bragging rights.

The fact you can soon grab the Nexus in something other than black is great news if you don't fancy the white BlackBerry Torch and don't want to wait for Apple to sort out its baffling paint problems and finally offer an ivory iPhone 4.

There's no word from Vodafone on availability or UK tariffs right now (or even an official photo) on either the black or the white handset -- let's hope it doesn't run out of bleach and keep us waiting 6 months for a launch.

Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona this weekend -- keep your eyes glued to CNET UK for a mind-boggling display of shiny new telephonicular products.