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Google Music comes to Google TV experience

New application brings your cloud-hosted Google music collection to the living room.

Google TV gets the new Google Music application and service. Google

As announcedearlier in the week, Google has begun rolling out its new Google Music service to various Android-powered devices, and among the early products to receive the update is Google TV. More specifically, devices running the new 2.0 Google TV software.

Much like the smartphone and tablet experience, the new Google Music experience allows for streaming of music purchased through Android Market. It also plays songs and albums that have already been uploaded by users.

Google Music for Google TV plays in the background while you browse the Internet, play games, check e-mail, or enjoy other applications. What's more, users can also add a custom soundtrack to slideshows from the Photos application.

Considering that many televisions are connected to great speakers, Google Music should work well in the living room.

The timing could be more perfect for me. With the holidays fast approaching, I look forward to putting some background music when guests come over.