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Google Maps location sharing adds phone battery status

Now people can see that your battery might die while they're looking for you.

Google Maps on an iPhone.

Google Maps now notes your phone's battery life when you share your location.

NurPhoto/Getty Images

Google Maps has added phone battery status to its location sharing for iOS and Android devices, allowing your contacts to see if you'll be cut off soon.

When a location has been shared, you'll see that there's now a battery icon between the distance and the time since the location was shared, as first spotted by Android Police. This way, you'll be able to tell if your contact is unable to update you because a phone battery died.

Google Maps/Screenshot by CNET

A quick test confirmed that the shared location displayed the phone's battery life accurately.

The feature has been improved since the site first noted it in an APK teardown in February, when it only showed the general range of the device's battery life.

Google Maps added location sharing -- allowing you to reveal your exact location to a contact for a certain period of time -- in March 2017.

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