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Get three Gameloft Android games for $3

One for each day of your Labor Day weekend, these action-packed titles normally sell for $6.99 apiece.

Gameloft's Labor Day sale is good for $6 off each of three high-profile Android games.
Gameloft's Labor Day sale is good for $6 off each of three high-profile Android games. Gameloft

What better way to celebrate Labor Day than by eschewing all forms of labor, instead kicking back with your phone or tablet and rocking some serious run-and-gun action?

To help you accomplish that nation-honoring act of laziness, Gameloft is offering three Android games on the cheap.

Throughout the weekend, you can get Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, and N.O.V.A. 3: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance from Google Play for 99 cents apiece.

These titles normally sell for $6.99 each, meaning you're getting for three bucks what would normally cost you $21.

Gangstar Rio does its best Grand Theft Auto impression, offering you an open but mission-enhanced world in which to drive, fly, and wreak mayhem on foot.

Modern Combat 3 brings the popular console game to Android, with all the same blistering military-shooter action. CNET's Scott Stein named the iOS version one of the top iPhone 4S games.

Finally, N.O.V.A 3 serves up a similarly action-packed dose of running and gunning, this time with an interplanetary sci-fi theme.

Interestingly, each game is the third in its series -- a trilogy of trilogies, if you will. If you own a compatible Android device and can scrape together three bucks (or two bucks or even just one), you're in for some mighty good gaming this weekend.