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The already super-cheap Moto E4 gets even cheaper

At $99, Republic Wireless is selling the Motorola Moto E4 for $30 less than its normal price.

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Republic Wireless now has the latest Moto E4 for only $99, which is is about $30 less than its usual $130 asking price.

Known for its inexpensive phone plans, Republic Wireless is a small network that cuts user cost by defaulting calls to local Wi-Fi networks. When Wi-Fi networks are weak or nonexistent, the phone will switch to a cell network. With only a few phones in its lineup (about 10 total), E4 is the latest offering under Republic Wireless' belt.

We've had the Moto E4 in the office for a minute and while it's no Moto G5 Plus (a phone we declared as one of the best budget phones), the E4 is smaller and much cheaper. Like the Moto Z2 Play, it includes a single button that combines the Back and Recent buttons into one single mini touchpad you swipe, long press or tap.

Look for a full review soon. In the mean time, check out CNET's Moto E4 hands-on.