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Get push e-mail for your UTStarcom XV6700

Get push e-mail for your UTStarcom XV6700

Verizon Wireless has quietly released a software upgrade for the UTStarcom XV6700, bringing with it all the goodness of Microsoft's Messaging & Security Feature Pack. The improvements include:

  • Direct push technology for up-to-date e-mail, calendar appointments, tasks, and contacts
  • Support for voice dialing
  • Enhanced protection of data and device management
  • The ability to use Wi-Fi and CDMA simultaneously

You can download the update from Verizon's support site (at the bottom of the page). Be aware, however, that installing this upgrade will wipe all the data on your device, so be sure to sync your device before you do anything else.

Sources: Gizmodo, MobileTechReview

UTStarcom XV6700