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Get free app codes at Promo Dispenser

Talk about a win-win: This site distributes App Store codes to users who want free apps and developers who want feedback (and a potential sales bump) for those apps.

Good news for freebie junkies like me: Promo Dispenser offers free, no-strings-attached promo codes for iPhone apps.

Good news for developers: Promo Dispenser offers a free and easy way to promote your apps.

Here's how it works: Developers add their apps' info and promo codes to the site. Users (who must register with an e-mail address) grab the allotted codes on a first-come, first-served basis. (There's no waiting and no random draw, as with previously mentioned AppGiveaway.)

Score free App Store promo codes at Promo Dispenser.

Users are limited to one code per day, and you can't get another code without first commenting on and rating the previously downloaded app.

That's good news for the developer, as it ensures at least some feedback. And Promo Dispenser encourages users to copy their reviews to the App Store, so this can actually improve sales.

In other words, the site helps developers promote their apps, not just give them away. (Find out more on Promo Dispenser's FAQ page.)

And for users, of course, it's a simple way to score freebies. Definitely worth a look!

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