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Get a free year of phone service from Sprint

Wait, what? It's true: Bring your own phone and you'll get a free year on the unlimited plan. The only real costs are a SIM card and monthly taxes and fees. Plus: a waterproof phone case for six bucks!

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Can I get the deal if I'm feeling ripped-off by AT&T, too?


Sprint just took the gloves off.

With a banner headline that reads, "Stopped feeling ripped-off by Verizon," the mobile carrier is offering one free year of service when you bring your own phone.

Now for the fine print. Hang on, something's wrong with the fine print, because I can't find a single major catch. According to the offer page, you get to keep your existing phone and phone number, bypass annual contracts and activation fees (the latter normally $30) and get one full year of Sprint Unlimited.

After that, regular rates apply: $60 per month -- with price breaks per line if you have additional ones. (For example, $40 for the second line, $30 for the third and so on.)

What does Sprint Unlimited net you? Unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data, including 1080p video streaming and 10GB of mobile-hotspot data (though it's not clear whether that's per month or over the course of the entire year).

Who's eligible? New Sprint customers only, and you have to be migrating from AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon. The offer ends June 30.

Upfront costs? You'll need a SIM card ($2.99), and overnight shipping adds $10. You'll also have to pay that $30 activation fee, but you'll get it back after two months. Beyond that, Sprint charges a "standard $1.99 admin fee and $0.40 regulatory fee," and "other taxes and fees apply" as well.



So, I guess that's the catch: This isn't really free. It's just very, very cheap. For a few bucks per month, you can get unlimited phone service. Wow. Just, wow.

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: Speaking of phones, ever get near water with yours? Boats, beaches, pools and other wet areas are decidedly hazardous for your phone, and yet your phone is essential for checking messages, playing tunes and so on.

Ergo, you need a waterproof case. Like this one: For a limited time, Vanksy (via Amazon) has the Floatable Waterproof Phone Case for $5.99 -- shipped free with Prime -- when you apply promo code WNGYSEU8 at checkout.

You wouldn't think such a thing could have features, but it does: adjustable lanyard, armband strap, waterproof external headphone jack and built-in audio cable. The case floats and is even submersible. And the clear front window lets you interact with your phone; even thumbprint readers will work through it.

For six bucks! Yes, please.