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Garmin's Nüvi 350 is a traveler's companion

Garmin's Nüvi 350 is a traveler's companion

Well designed for travel, the Garmin Nüvi 350 fits easily into a pocket and offers navigation, language translation, points of interest, location-based coupons, MP3 player, world alarm clock, and measurement and currency converters. At 5 ounces and less than 4 inches wide, the Nüvi 350 is very portable, and it doesn't skimp. Navigation is full-featured and can even show traffic conditions with the optional traffic receiver. Translation is an optional component that supports nine languages and includes phrases as well as words. The unit will accurately pronounce phrases in other languages to facilitate translation. The location-based coupon system is also an optional upgrade that offers discounts at nearby restaurants and stores. The Nuvi 350 comes with a suction-cup mount and a 12-volt adapter for use in a car.

Garmin Nuvi 350