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GameCube price drop denied, pack-in games to come?

GameCube price drop denied, pack-in games to come?

Nintendo is denying rumors that the price of the GameCube is about to drop from $99 to $79. Despite accounts that Electronics Boutique has received GameCube "new low price" stickers, a Nintendo of America spokesman told us today that the company will stick with its $99 price and keep the console competitive by bundling in software. While previous promotions have included games such as Mario Party 7 with the GameCube, the system is currently not being officially sold with any software. With the Nintendo Wii on the way, we might be seeing GameCubes sold with pack-in games or other treats to help get them off the shelves and make room for its oddly named replacement. While the alleged low-price stickers could be related to an EB-specific promotion, it's not one that's originating with Nintendo.

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