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Fund this: Bleep cable backs up your smartphone while it charges

Smarter than your average sync/charge cable, Bleep backs up your important data every time you plug in.

It may look like a standard sync/charge cable, but it also has flash storage for automatic backups. Maayan Goren

For many a smartphone user, a backup is something they wish they had -- right after their phone gets lost, stolen or broken.

Indiegogo project Bleep promises to back up your smartphone every time you charge it. It looks like an ordinary sync/charge cable, but it houses anywhere from 16 to 64GB of flash storage. That storage works in tandem with a backup app that automatically archives your data.

In other words, it's a local alternative to cloud backup. The latter isn't always reliable, especially if you're traveling and don't have access to Wi-Fi or a strong cellular network. Plus, cloud backup tends to cost money, and as a number of celebrities have recently discovered, it's anything but secure. The Bleep affords a much faster and more secure option, one that requires no subscription fees.

The six-foot cable will come in Lightning and microSD varieties, with early backers given their choice before the product ships.

When will that be? That's the rub: the developers are estimating August of 2015.

If you don't mind waiting, there are early-backer Bleeps available for $40 (16GB), $55 (32GB), and $78 (64GB).

Your thoughts? Is this a product you'd back? Or are you content with existing phone-backup options?