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Fujifilm gives video game addicts a pocket camera

Fujifilm gives video game addicts a pocket camera

Fujifilm has added an ultracompact 5-megapixel model to its 2006 lineup. The FinePix V10 incorporates Fujifilm's Super CCD HR and RP processor for improved high-ISO and low-light photos, among other enhancements Fuji promises. The camera features Fuji's new Natural Light & With Flash mode, which shoots two images in succession, one with flash and one without, then helps you choose the best image. Most of the V10's rear real estate is covered by a high-resolution 3-inch LCD, while in front there's a 3.4X zoom lens. If you get bored with taking pictures, you can entertain yourself by playing one of four video games that are built into the camera. The FinePix V10 will be available in March 2006 for $349.