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Froyo coming to Canadian Galaxy S devices

Samsung Mobile Canada provides a timeline of sorts for Froyo updates to its various Galaxy S phones.

As word spread that Samsung was beginning to deploy Android 2.2 to its Galaxy S handsets, users began wondering when their particular handsets would see the update. In the United States we've seen only leaked builds for Sprint and T-Mobile's models so far, but Canada is a different story.

Samsung Mobile Canada took to its Facebook page earlier today to inform customers as to when to expect the update for the various models. First out of the gate will be Bell's Vibrant and Rogers' Captivate seeing Android 2.2 around mid-December.

Telus customers will need to wait until early 2011 to see Froyo come to their Fascinate. In other words, look for these right about the time Google announces Gingerbread and the wait starts all over again.