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Friday Poll: Which iPhone 6 rumor do you most want to be true?

Apple will likely roll out a fresh iPhone next month. Tell us which rumored feature gets your heart pumping the most.

Ciccarese Design's idea of what the new iPhone 6 models could look like next to a 5S. Ciccarese Design

That light you see at the end of the dark tunnel isn't a train. It's the iPhone 6, fast bearing down on us with an expected announcement date in September. With all the anticipation comes a whole lot of speculation. We've rounded up the rumors and alleged leaks to paint a picture of what the iPhone 6 might look like .

The new smartphone's screen seems to be the subject of the most intense rumors. Some say it will sport a nearly unbreakable sapphire screen, though some analysts believe low production and high prices will mean no sapphire screen. And then there's the possibility of a curved display.

Out of all the screen-related rumors, one in particular seems to hold the most water. Apple may well answer the siren call to create a larger iPhone by offering a model with a 5.5-inch display, edging it into the phablet market. Most of the rumors center around Apple potentially offering two sizes, the large model and one that is closer to past iPhones in size.

One rumor that just won't die is that Apple will finally add NFC to its iPhone lineup, but that rumor has proven unfounded in previous years and may well go unfulfilled once again. One change that would be welcomed by iPhone fans is the rumor of improved battery life. Photos of the alleged new battery show a higher capacity that should give the new phone a decent boost over what the iPhone 5S can manage.

The rumor mill will only churn harder as we close in on the anticipated announcement. I, for one, would like to see some rumors of a 6-inch iPhone 6 with a screen made of hardened unicorn tears, powered by a fuel cell, and running a dual Android/iOS system.

Out of the rumors we have, which are you most eager to see come true? Vote in our poll and talk it out in the comments.