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Foxconn founder wants Apple to move plants from China to Taiwan

"I am calling on Apple to come to Taiwan," Foxconn founder and Taiwan presidential candidate Terry Gou reportedly says.

Foxconn Terry Gou

Foxconn founder Terry Gou is running for president in Taiwan.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

To avoid being caught in the US-China trade war, Apple reportedly began asking suppliers about the possibility of moving production out of China. A founder of one of Apple's biggest suppliers of phone parts is cheering this move, especially if the work goes to Taiwan.

Foxconn founder Terry Gou says it's possible Apple could move plants working on its products out of China, according to a Friday report from Nikkei. Gou made the remarks after stepping down as chairman during Foxconn's annual shareholder meeting, to begin his political campaign for Taiwan's presidency.

"I am calling on Apple to come to Taiwan," Gou said.

In May, China said it would add a 25% tariff on US goods to counter US President Donald Trump's plan for increased tariffs. Earlier in the week, Apple sent a letter to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer saying that tariffs would lead to a reduction in how much Apple can contribute to the US economy, even though the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, says he isn't too worried about tariffs

Foxconn didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.