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Fix for endless rebooting after iTunes 7.4 restore and re-hack

Fix for endless rebooting after iTunes 7.4 restore and re-hack

We previously noted that a number of readers have reported that their iPhones have become non-functional (entering an endless rebooting cycle) after the following process: restoring the iPhone using iTunes 7.4, then attempting jailbreak with 2.4 or earlier or other older jailbreaking utilities. Our suggested fixes included putting the iPhone in recovery mode and restoring, or using an earlier version of iTunes to restore.

Adam Dann of Nullriver Software, the creators of AppTapp ( for the iPhone) has now provided us with a Terminal script that may fix the endless reboot syndrome from a Mac OS X system. Here's how to use it:

  • Download this file and unzip it. It will expand to a folder called "endless_reboot."
  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac.
  • Put your iPhone in recovery mode by holding down the sleep and home buttons simultaneously for about 25 seconds until the yellow triangle and "Please connect to iTunes" message appear.
  • Launch the Terminal (located in /Applications/Utilities)
  • In the Terminal, type cd, then a space, then drag the folder "endless_reboot" onto the Terminal window (you should see something like cd /Users/username/Desktop/endless_reboot/) and press return.
  • Type ./iphonecomm -s 4 and press return

If things are back to normal, you can use AppTapp 3.0, which is compatible with iTunes 7.4, to re-jailbreak your iPhone and again add/modify/update third-party binary applications. See our guide for information on usage.