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Five iPhone games to get you in the holiday spirit

Ho, ho, holy App Store, Santa! If you're hankerin' for some holiday-themed fun for your iPhone or iPod Touch, look no further than this festive batch of apps.

Call me a sucker for the holiday season, but at this time of year I just can't get into mowing down zombies and blasting TIE fighters. I need games that put me in a more, well, merry frame of mind.

Thankfully, the App Store has no shortage of holiday-themed entertainment. I've rounded up five festive games for players young and old.

Flight Before Christmas puts a cute, Santa-themed spin on Flight Control.

Christmas Match A holiday spin on the classic memory game, this one's designed for younger players. It has falling snow, jingle-bell sounds and music, and, of course, holiday-decorated cards to flip. Price: 99 cents.

Crazy Snowboard--Holiday Special I respect my bones too much to snowboard in real life, but I do love a good snowboarding sim. This one puts you in a Santa suit and sends you grinding down the slopes, where you'll smash past elves, candy canes, and, for some reason, zombies. Kooky, yes, but still great fun. Price: $2.99.

Flight Before Christmas It's Flight Control meets Christmas as you help Santa plot a flight path, delivering presents to all the houses while avoiding other air traffic: jets, helicopters, even UFOs. If you can hit multiple houses without altering your path, you score combo points. It's a great twist on an iPhone classic. Price: 99 cents.

Triazzle Holiday puts your puzzle-solving skills to the test--festively!

Santa's Run The game that Grinchmas should have been (and may yet be--updates are in the works), Santa's Run tasks you with flinging presents to various houses' chimneys and doorways. A power meter controls the strength of your toss, while wind speed and direction can affect the path. Plus, you play across four different backgrounds. Not a ton of replay value here, but it's fun while it lasts. Price: 99 cents.

Triazzle Holiday Remember Triazzle, the classic puzzle game that made a dazzling iPhone debut last summer? This four-level holiday edition adorns the puzzles with Christmas lights, ornaments, nutcrackers, and even dreidels for my fellow Red Sea pedestrians. Price: 99 cents.

Speaking of holiday apps, don't miss the cool Dr. Seuss Camera--Grinch Edition I mentioned a few days ago.

In the meantime, hit the comments and let me know what holiday-themed apps are visiting your iPhone or iPod Touch this year.