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Five iPhone apps for writers

Think you've got the write stuff? Maybe you'll avoid dreadful cliches like that one if you stock your iPhone with these handy tools, many of which are free.

When people ask me if it's hard to be a writer, I tell them the challenge is not just thinking up the words, but putting them in the right order. Then they roll their eyes and walk away, reminding me I need to work on both my material and my delivery.

Anyway, like any professional, a writer relies on tools. Here are five that make a great addition to any iPhone or iPod Touch:

The app is perfect for writers, and not just because it's free.
  • Duh. Every writer needs a good dictionary and thesaurus. This one, a freebie, serves up 275,000 definitions, 80,000 synonyms, and even spoken pronunciations. And despite the dot-com moniker, there's no Internet connection required to use it.
  • iTalk Recorder Whether for recording a brilliant idea for your next novel or just preserving the inspiration that struck in the night, a voice-recording app is essential. This one's free, and it lets you append text notes to your voice notes.
  • NameShake Need help coming up with a name for your child-prodigy dentist who moonlights as a screenwriting bounty hunter? Give NameShake a shake. It contains more than 19,000 names, complete with definitions, etymology, history, and even a pronunciation guide.
  • SAT Vocabulary Builder Word power alone doesn't guarantee your success as a writer, but it certainly doesn't hurt. Though designed with students in mind, Vocabulary Builder has tools that can help anyone learn big, fancy words. More than 1,200 of them in fact.
  • Stanza Good writers are good readers. Stanza is my favorite e-book app by far, as it can pull purchases from my Fictionwise account and download both free and commercial titles from a variety of sources. Of course, there's much to like about the Kindle app, too.
Well, did I miss anything? What apps do you use to enhance your writing life?