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First thoughts on the Verizon LG Voyager

Ronn gives his first impressions of the LG Voyager on Verizon.

These are a stream of consciousness, but given the high expectation level of the LG Voyager, immediate impressions are important: Beautiful front screen, clean icons...comfortable keyboard under the flip lid, yet takes getting used to, especially for those of us who love the BlackBerry Curve...hmm, a bit heavier than I, excellent call quality...EV-DO better than EDGE, but Sprint EV-DO on Palm Centro seems noticeably faster accessing Web sites...

Tell me that outside touch screen doesn't taste iPhone-ish!
Tell me that outside touch screen doesn't taste iPhone-ish! LG

...perfect, quick text messaging--I could become a teenager with this thing...hmph, no Wi-Fi...easy voice flash, yet solid camera...I like the haptic feedback, a little like a game controller...I'm concerned it might be too easy to accidentally hit unlock icon--we'll see if I butt dial in the next few days...finally, before fully testing, I'd say if the iPhone had EV-DO, I'd take that over the Voyager. But it doesn't, so this LG VX 10000 is in the lead right now.

No need to rely on a touchscreen with this guy.
No need to rely on a touch screen with this guy. LG

Now to use it for a few days to see if my first impressions last!