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First image of Samsung Nexus Prime leaks

The internet has gotten its hands on the first pic reportedly showing Samsung's upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich-munching HD screen packing Nexus Prime.

(Credit: GSMArena)

What a huge day for smartphone news. First, Apple announces the iPhone 4S, and now we get our first glimpse (and it is just a glimpse) of what we expect Samsung to announce at CTIA in San Diego next week: the Nexus Prime.

The image above comes from GSMArena, which had the pic flicked in its direction by an anonymous tipster (who just happens to have impeccable timing). The image doesn't give much away, other than the on-screen navigation buttons expected in the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS release, and the fact that this screen is displaying 1184x720 pixels. GSMArena points out that the unusual 1184-vertical-pixel count probably doesn't include the pixels used to display the notification panel at the top of the screen, or the navigation buttons at the bottom, and that the actual screen resolution is bound to be 1280x720, or 720p HD.

The other interesting tidbit is the 320 pixels per inch density, a figure just short of Apple's 330PPI Retina display claims, but on a screen reportedly 4.6 inches diagonally, or over an inch greater than the iPhone 4S along the same dimension.

If you're keen to know more about this new Samsung beauty, then stay tuned. We'll have the full details after Samsung makes its official announcement on 11 October.