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First Amendment: 1; politically expedient moral platform: 0

First Amendment: 1; politically expedient moral platform: 0

A federal judge in Michigan has knocked down another law restricting the sale of violent video games, calling it, you guessed it, "unconstitutional" and in violation of the First Amendment's freedom of expression guarantee. The ruling adds to similar decisions from the 7th and 8th circuit courts of appeal, and federal judges in Washington, Illinois, and California. Part of the reason for the repeated rulings? The utter lack of definitive evidence on a link between violent video games and violent behavior. Luckily, the Senate has OK'd a huge study aimed at eventually justifying video game laws across the country. It's an odd feeling, you know, the fact that our lawmakers have issued a blank check to a study that they're hoping will allow them to skirt right around the First Amendment. Very odd, indeed.