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FIFA 10 on the iPhone uses tiny pixellated jumpers for goalposts

Footie favourite FIFA 10 has been shrunken and stuffed into the iPhone and iPod touch. It has simpler controls but still sports many of its bigger brother's features

FIFA 10, the football game that bestrides the gaming world like a shorts-wearing colossus, has hit the iPhone.

We asked our local FIFAnauts to take the iPhone version for a kickabout, and they liked how the game included many of the features that make the full console and PC versions of the game so successful, despite the stripped-down two-button control.

There are six different camera angles and slow motion replays, you can work your way up from a kid with a dream in the Be a Pro mode, or you can play god in the Manager Mode. You can even take on your fellow iPhoners with a multiplayer mode that connects over Wi-Fi.

The game includes 12,650 players, 570 teams and 30 leagues, from real-life teams in leagues around the world for the 2009/2010 season.

For a full run-down of the game's goodness, you can read the FIFA 10 review (of the grown up PS3 version) on our sister site -- and if you're a keen gamer on your mobile, check out its new mobile gaming section while you're at it.

FIFA 10 costs £5.99 in the Apple App Store (iTunes link).