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Facebook's Messenger Lite app now includes video chat

The app was intended for older Android devices with slow internet connections.


Facebook just made it a little easier to video chat with your friends. 

The social-networking titan on Wednesday unveiled a video chat feature for its Messenger Lite app. The Lite version of Messenger is slimmed down to run better on older Android devices and in areas where there are slower internet connections. 

Beyond video chat, Messenger Lite also includes capabilities for sending text, photos and links and making audio calls. Facebook says the Lite version of the app is under 10 megabytes. 

Facebook might have even more in store for video chat. The company's rumored to be announcing hardware with video capabilities, possibly at its May f8 Developer Conference in San Jose, California. And on Tuesday, it was granted a patent for a self-balancing robot that resembles a standard telepresence bot with a screen, camera and microphone.