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Etsy find: iPhone stands made of forks and spoons

Utensils: You thought they were just for eating stuff. These oh-so-cute stands would make a great gift--but be prepared to wait while the artists fills all the backorders.

They call him...Fork Head. FolkedUpArt

Cute. Clever. Whimsical. No, no, I'm not talking about me, but how sweet of you to think that! I'm referring to ForkedUpArt's iPhone stands made of forks and spoons. I think the photos speak for themselves; these things are just adorable.

(Um, did I just use "sweet" and "adorable" in the same paragraph? I meant to say "killer" and "bitchin'." There, manhood restored.)

As you can see, there are two versions, the aptly named Fork Head and Spoon Head. Both use a combination of forks and spoons, and both are clearly, undeniably handmade.

In fact, the artist bends, welds, and buffs each stand by hand, and uses a special stainless-steel welding wire to avoid corrosion.

There's good news and bad news about these "silverware dudes." The good news is that the stands can hold devices other than iPhones, and in fact the artist will accept custom measurements if you have a specific item in mind. (Ooh! Can I get one that holds salt and pepper shakers? What, too on the nose?)

Unfortunately, both stands are sold out at the moment, though the seller is working hard to fill orders and meet increasing demand.

When his store does get more, plan on spending around $40 (plus shipping) for each stand. That strikes me as a little pricey, but these guys are so unique and endearing, I say go ahead and splurge.

Talk about "spooning" your iPhone! FolkedUpArt

Etsy (aka "the Web's craft store") is actually home to all kinds of custom holders, cases, stands, etc., for the iPhone. To get an idea for what's out there, just do a little browsing and searching.

You can also check out Quest Twenty Eight's recent roundup of top-10 Etsy iPhone cases. Neat stuff.