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Essential heard you liked headphone jacks, so here's a ridiculous module

Slightly less ridiculous than a dongle, we gotta admit?


This is really getting out of hand

I mean... I guess this is slightly better than a dongle that you'll lose? At least it's magnetic.

Oh, and Essential says it adds an audiophile-grade amp (and an ESS Sabre DAC) for fancy high-impedance headphones. So that's something. 

Maybe it's actually a great idea? There aren't a lot of phones with truly good headphone jacks. Now, the Essential Phone can theoretically be one of those, too. Also, it's made of titanium. Here's Essential's FAQ.

Essential says it's shipping this summer, which is more evidence the company plans to stick around for the time being.

The company won't say how much it costs quite yet, though. Here's what Essential told me: 

Here's the company's blog post about how the Essential Phone supports lossless "Master Quality Authenticated" audio now. The company is teaming up with Tidal to offer a free three-month subscription to Tidal HiFi so you owners can try it out.

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