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EMI Abbey Road Live: Instant gig recording

The major label has announced a new service that will sell recordings of gigs, mixed and mastered at the gig itself, and sold to fans as they make their way to the car park

Record company in good digital idea shocker! EMI, one of the big four major labels, has announced a new service that will sell recordings of gigs -- at the gig itself, as the band are walking off stage shouting, "Thank you, Milwaukee!"

'Abbey Road Live', which confusingly has nothing to do with the Beatles or their famous studio (other than sharing an office), aims to offer a higher-quality service than any bootleg, with multi-channel audio, mixed and mastered in no time at all.

The service builds on Live Here Now, an initiative developed by EMI baby-label Mute Records, which sold recordings to fans at Blur's Hyde Park gig in July, among others.

The recordings will be sold on CD, DVD and flash drives after the gig, or over the Internet to PCs and smart phones. You can check out the audio quality for yourself at Live Here Now's Web site, which has clips of every track.

Now, if you'll excuse us we're going to take advantage of an empty weekend office and sing along with Ocean Colour Scene's The Day We Caught the Train.