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DoubleTwist turns on streaming to Xbox, PS3

AirTwist, a new feature in the DoubleTwist app for Android, turns your device into a media server.

Share your music, videos, and pictures with a connected television or gaming console. doubleTwist

The iTunes-like DoubleTwist AirSync app for Android just picked up a significant new feature with its latest update. Android users will now have the ability to share their music, videos, and photos through a connected television, Xbox, or PlayStation 3. In other words, your Android phone becomes a media server.

DoubleTwist has become increasingly popular over the past few years, adding new options along the way. The application was conceived back in 2008, where it was among the first apps to sync media files--including those from iTunes--to and from portable media players. Android handsets were added to the list of supported devices a year later.

T-Mobile latched on to DoubleTwist's capabilities, incorporating it into specific Android handsets like the MyTouch 3G Fender Edition before later inking a deal with DoubleTwist.

Like all previous iterations, the latest release is free and works on Android phones running 1.6 and higher. If you already have DoubleTwist AirSync installed on your smartphone, look for an update in the Android Market. And if you don't have an Xbox or PS3, fret not. The company is working on supporting additional DLNA devices in the future.