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DLO HomeDock Remote: Control your iPod from the bath

DLO's HomeDock Music Remote lets you control your iPod from any room in your house, and has a snazzy colour LCD remote too. Sounds like a winner to us

The last iPod dock with an LCD remote that we saw was Keyspan's TuneView. It wasn't too bad (full review coming soon, kids), but we're really excited to see a similar new product from DLO called the HomeDock Music Remote.

It's basically a dock for an iPod that plugs into your hi-fi, but it can be controlled using a trendy-looking remote with a colour LCD screen that mimics the menus on the iPod itself. This allows you to control your music from anywhere in your house without having to leave the cosy confines of your recliner or bathtub.

Using a remote to control something in a different room is always hella fun. It's possible because the HomeDock's remote control uses RF signals to communicate with its mothership. DLO claims the remote will work up to 45 metres away -- pretty snazzy. We particularly like the design of the remote control.

DLO's previous HomeDock models are on sale in the UK, so we're expecting UK availability of this new version soon, though we don't yet have a date for you. It sells in the US for $130 (£65) and is available from Apple online and in its high-street stores. -Nate Lanxon