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DJ iPod's in the house!

DJ iPod's in the house!

Mixer, turntable, and all-around DJ hardware specialist Numark has announced an October shipping date for its $399 iDJ Mixer for the iPod. Designed to match the iPod's frosty-white aesthetic, the two-channel mixer features a three-band equalizer; phono, line-in, USB, and microphone inputs (so that you can still hook up a couple of Technics); snazzy, glowing blue backlighting; and of course, two integrated docks that even charge the iPod.

The unit is moderately compact at 11.3 by 11.5 by 2.6 inches and 4 pounds, and the touch-sensitive cueing interface looks like it will give you precise control over the iPod--however, there is no pitch control, an omission that will likely create some massive train wrecks.

DJs who happen to have any dock-connector iPod (or two) have been waiting for a mixer like this for years, though we think Final Scratch is still the sweetest way to mix MP3s.