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Disabling the iPhone's EDGE/GPRS data access

Disabling the iPhone's EDGE/GPRS data access

For various reasons, you may want to disable the iPhone's EDGE/GPRS data network access on a temporary basis. For instance, if you have an international data plan and are traveling overseas but only want to use WiFi instead of paying international data charges, or if you are on a prepaid plan and don't want to incur data charges.An iPhone Atlas reader with the username "amztselos" found out exactly how to do this, and here are his steps, slightly modified:

  1. Call the International Group at ATT (800) 335-4685: amztselos says "They may tell you that it is impossible to turn off the â??data planâ?? for the IPhone but that is incorrect." You can.
  2. Ask the representative enter an SOC code called "NWIX" and then have them go into "Snooper" and remove all GPRS functionality for your device.
amztselos writes:
"This results (at least in Canada) of seeing Rogers Wireless for phone calls but not seeing the 'E. I confirmed that I could not download email, etc. so data was blocked until I linked to a WiFi network."