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Digital Life: Xploder HDTV player aims to blow up the PS2's resolution

Digital Life: Xploder HDTV player aims to blow up the PS2's resolution

While the Xbox 360 and the upcoming PlayStation 3 are excellent HDTV companions, finding high-def love on older consoles is a bit more difficult. Unlike the somewhat HD-friendly Xbox1, the PlayStation 2 has only had a small fraction of its library available in 16:9 aspect ratio and resolutions of 480p or higher. U.K. gaming accessory company Blaze Games has developed an upconverting solution for folks who want to game in high-def without the high cost with the Xploder HDTV player for the PS2. The Xploder will be brought to the States next month by Mad Catz and should retail for $50.

The Xploder HDTV Player runs on PS2 via a bootup disc that allows you to toggle between various VGA and component resolutions (a component cable is included in the package). The company boasts compatibility with roughly 95 percent of the PS2's library, though I detected a hint of regret when a company rep informed me that Wallace & Gromit did not make the cut--apparently they still really like those movies across the pond. The title on display at Digital Life, Burnout Revenge, was running much cleaner when the Xploder was in play, but you can never really be sure what kind of cable chicanery is in play at trade shows. We'll take the player through its paces soon and give you a final verdict when it releases.