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Dialed In 72: Finally, MMS on the iPhone

The new iPhone OS 3.0 promises a host of sorely-needed features. In this episode of Dialed In we tell you all about the new additions.

Forget green beer, Apple chose St. Patrick's Day to roll out big changes to the iPhone. The new iPhone OS 3.0 promises a host of sorely-needed features, including multimedia messaging and cut and paste. In this episode of Dialed In, we tell you all about the new additions, and give our take on what they mean for Apple's phone. Nicole is grooving to the music in Austin, Texas, so's Tom Krazit joins us to discuss the iPhone brouhaha. Also, Bonnie also fills you in on a very unexciting Palm Pre Webcast and I tell you why the LG Rumo2 is new, but no so improved.

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