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Dialed In #201: Too polite for a fanboy brawl

We mouth off at Facebook, HTC, RIM, and the AT&T/T-Mobile merger in this week's episode of Dialed In, CNET's podcast for all things mobile.

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With a thirst for intellectual skirmish and good-natured trash-talking, I rounded up two special guest hosts for this week's Dialed In: Antuan Goodwin, Android enthusiast and co-host of CNET's Android Atlas podcast; and Roger Cheng, a CNET News mobile reporter and newly-minted iPhone 4S fanboy. Oh yes, the epithets would fly...

But only in my head. It turns out, we CNET folk are far too polite to speak ill words about another's chosen operating system that we might one day regret. Never fear, we do join forces to dish dirty on Facebook (who wants a Facebook phone anyway), RIM (diving further into financial depths), and the AT&T/T-Mobile merger (time for dismemberment?) Join us in all the schadenfreude fun!


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