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Dialed In 181: Just call her Bonnie

This week on Dialed In, CNET's cell phone team debates Verizon's new tiered data plans, iPhone rumors, Samsung Nexus S troubles, and the name for Bonnie's new column.

Apparently, Bonnie has entered the rarefied realm of one-name recognition with the likes of Cher, Prince, and Madonna. How did she get there, you ask? Well, she isn't appearing in concert (at least not yet), but Dialed In fans have suggested that simply "Bonnie" should be the name of her column.

It's catchy, no doubt, but in the end she went with Nicole's witty suggestion (see episode 178) of "Smartphones Unlocked." We appreciate the nomination, though, and we trust that you'll enjoy her new monthly blog, which will explain the mystery of smartphones. We sample the first edition in this episode.

Also in the podcast, we debate Verizon's switch to tiered data plans, Nicole puts the Samsung Nexus S 4G through more tests, and Jessica takes a look at the smartphones of yore.

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