Dell Streak 5 gets stamp of approval from Department of Defense

No longer available to consumers, the phone gets a new, classified lease on life.

Dell Streak 5 didn't do well in the consumer space, but it gets official approval by Department of Defense. CNET

The Dell Streak 5 has become the first Android-powered device to receive Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) certification.

Thanks to a host of applications designed to enhance the large phone's security, the Streak 5 will be used for the Defense Department's secure but unclassified communications. Military personnel will soon find that they have access to information from their desktops, as well as the ability to command and control programs much like they would in controlled environments.

The certification process began in September 2010 when Dell started working with the DISA in an effort to provide a secure, Android-based platform. Although the Streak 5 is no longer commercially available, Dell will continue to deliver the device to the Department of Defense.

The government-approved version of the smartphone differs from the retail edition in that it has more security features, including enhanced password protection, remote security policy control, and the ability to lock the device down after multiple unsuccessful password attempts. The Streak 5 also boasts DISA-approved security measures backed by Good Technology's Good for Government system. According to Dell, this certification is just the beginning for the hardware maker and will lead to new devices in the coming year.

As many of you know, Dell has yet to set the world on fire with its consumer-facing Android efforts. Perhaps the company will be better suited delivering products and services directly to business-class and military divisions.

(Source: Defense Systems)

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