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Dell Renegades are done--and gone

Dell Renegades are done--and gone

If you haven't already landed one of Dell's limited-edition Renegade PCs, your time has passed. We were informed on Friday afternoon that Dell's ultra-high-end PC sold out less than a week after it went on sale. And although we certainly did try, we were also sad to learn that we won't be getting one for review (sorry, Kotaku, but if someone extends us an invite, we'll be sure to see if you can come too).

So what to make of all of this? The boutique PC shops pretty much all speculated that the Renegade was a limited run designed to get Dell press, and they were also all annoyed that it seemed to work. My take is that it's refreshing that Dell was willing to try something out of character. It's like the 2006 Ford Tungsten GT. You'll never own one (and, in the case of the Renegade and its two external 3D card power supplies, you wouldn't want to), but it's interesting to know that the old guard can still get creative. We just hope that someday Dell decides to share that creativity with the masses.