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Dell announces the Latitude D520

Dell announces the Latitude D520

Dell's update of its Latitude line marches on: the D520, a refresh of the D510, is available today.

Designed to be the choice of budget-conscious businesses, the D520 offers some lower-end configuration options (a $909 configuration comes stocked with a Celeron M processor, 256MB of RAM, and a 40GB hard drive), and it omits some of the higher-end features found on its Latitude brethren--namely, built-in EV-DO wireless WAN and fingerprint readers. Still, the $1,365 D520 we tested, stocked with a Core Duo processor and 512MB of RAM, delivered faster mobile performance and markedly better battery life than its predecessor, making it a respectable step up for the D500 series.

As with the D510, the Latitude D520 isn't flashy, but it is a smart choice for corporations seeking a well-balanced and affordable business laptop. Find out more in our full review.