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Custom ringtones made easy

Custom ringtones made easy

As we mentioned a couple of days ago, with the combined releases of iTunes 7.5 and the iPhone 1.1.2 firmware update, you can once again make custom ringtones for your iPhone. But if you want even more flexibility with your ringtones, check out the latest version of MakeiPhoneRingtone from the freebies section at Rogue Amoeba. With this Mac-only app, simply drag and drop any AAC file to the interface and MakeiPhoneRingtone will automatically process it and send it to iTunes where it will be classified as a ringtone. Once you sync the file to your iPhone, you can use it as a global ringtone, for a specific contact, or as an alarm clock sound. Rogue Amoeba points out that if you want even more control over your ringtones, you can use its audio-editing app Fission to cut up the file losslessly any way you like. As an added bonus, using Fission lets you convert just about any filetype to AAC. It's important to note that the Ringtones tab in the iPhone section of iTunes won't recognize any AAC file which is more than 40 seconds long, so using Fission or some other audio editor is an important step for getting the perfect ringtone on your iPhone. An instructive screencast for Fission is available at the above link to get you started. (Source: Rogue Amoeba)